• Join us in tribute.

    Dallas City Hall, July 7, 2017
    Registration Is Required

  • Join us in tribute.

    Dallas City Hall, July 7, 2017
    Registration Is Required


We will gather in remembrance.

On the evening of July 7, 2016, the city of Dallas shook as four Dallas Police Officers and one DART Police Officer were fatally shot during an otherwise peaceful march in downtown Dallas. Nine officers and two civilians were also injured throughout the evening. The city rallied together and provided unprecedented support to first-responders and the families affected.

We will gather in thanks.

On the evening of Friday, July 7, 2017, the city of Dallas will unite through the Tribute 7/7 event to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the shootings, the resilience of the city and honor those who lost their lives. Through Tribute 7/7, the participating police associations wish to thank the community for their support throughout the past year.

Schedule of Events

Throughout Tribute 7/7, the community’s central event of the anniversary, ceremonial moments including a flag presentation between DART and Dallas Police Officers, a shared moment of silence, a commemorative walk and messages and prayers from esteemed speakers will honor both the officers who lost their lives and the community who provided support to law enforcement throughout the year.

Location and Time

Tribute 7/7 will take place at City Hall Plaza on July 7, 2017.
The event space opens at 6:30pm.
Commemorative ceremonies begin at 7:30pm.

Honor Flag Procession

DART and Dallas Police walk a ceremonial flag to The Dallas Police Memorial adjacent to City Hall

Flag Presentation

The Honor Flag will be presented at Dallas City Hall

Moment Of Silence

We will gather in a moment of silence in recognition of the officers who lost their lives on July 7, 2016

Commemorative Walk

Registered participants are welcome to walk along our route or remain within the City Hall Plaza activity space. Food trucks, community partners, and activities will be located throughout

Blue Light Ceremony

At 8:58 p.m., join us for a blue light ceremony in remembrance of the July 2016 events

Messages and Prayers

After the ceremony, city leaders will share brief messages and prayers

Community Activities

City Hall Plaza space will remain open until 10:00 pm for our community to gather, share memories of the 2016 events, show its support to officers and their families in attendance, and celebrate the officers we have lost

How to Participate

All Tribute 7/7 activities are free to attend but require registration and completion of the event waiver. Knowing that many in the community will want to contribute to the host Police Associations, a centralized fundraising option is available. Once registered, you will receive instructions on how to either donate or set up a fundraising team. All Tribute 7/7 proceeds will be split equally across the partner charities.

Step 1: Register

Register for free and sign your event waiver. This is required for all attendees.

Step 2 : Fundraise


For those wanting to fundraise, cumulative fundraising thank you gifts are available to the first participants to hit milestones. Once registered you will receive information & options.

Step 3 : Attend

Once registered, please join us in tribute and participate in all commemorative and festival activities this July 7th.

Volunteer with Tribute 7/7

Sign up below to become a Tribute 7/7 volunteer and help us make this a truly wonderful experience for every attendee.

Become a Community Partner

Our goal is to obtain sponsorship underwriting or in-kind delivery for 100% of the event’s components in 2017. If you offer goods or services, please reach out and join our amazing team of partners.

Event Host Associations

All proceeds of the event will be split amongst the following organizations, to support them as they carry out their year long missions.

Production Partners

Tribute 7/7 was created in partnership with Event Southwest and it’s creative arm Shift Design Co.  Each agency wishes to offer its deepest thanks to the service afforded by The Dallas Police Department to the full calendar of local special events. Without our Police partners, our best community events would not be possible.

Community Partners

A collection of local organizations have also stepped forward to underwrite and produce Tribute 7/7. Your fundraising efforts, combined with their support, make the event possible.

Event Map & Parking

Please make use of this interactive map to obtain travel directions and the parking link
below for a list of nearby lots and garages.